The Basics Of Thoughts

Nothing is born as fast as an idea. An idea comes from nowhere, sometimes from a small provocation called stimuli, reveals itself to the inner brain, elaborates itself, and chooses two ways: definition of self and growth or definition of self and death if not interconnected with other recalling.

The basics of thoughts are included in our pattern, this is why beauty is a fundamental aspect of life. Patterns that last are patterns that should include beauty within. Ideas, even destructive ideas can be inner beautiful. The manifestation of them makes a work huge in itself. Starting from the basic, is not anymore a revolution, but it definitely was. Now it’s the idea of what to make of it, of how to transform it, and make it much prosperous and enormous. Briefly, the idea is to present, develop and let go its way but work finally on the outcome of it, structuring it, reforming the way of its expansion through coordinating the parts of other interactive thoughts too. This is when the basics are basically important, in the process of creating and launching. We all return to the basics (some exceptions included…).

Have a Great Welcome to the site.

– by Suzanne Francis 


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