Create Your Healthy Lifestyle

We humans, pretend to make a lot in a few time which makes our body and mind stressed and tired. City life is tiring and requests lots of energy to follow on without falling into unhealthy and unsafe rhythms. Lots of rumors, lots of crowded places, lots of unremembered beautiful views and natural calls, that we even sometimes forget to open our hearts for a clean breath.

Retiring the week-ends to a mountain, a lake, a green space is a certain confirmed plan of those who maintain a healthy lifestyle but it is not always affordable. Attending our daily obligations without taking rest transforms those long-term working hours to an accumulated pressure, fatigue and even sickness. Indeed, we also have to at least try to avoid excessive stress daily. Those small three listed tips to apply every day, can help fighting stress without wasting time, and beside, gaining energy:

  • Have a short ten minutes break every two intensive work hours.
  • Have a natural juice or fruit at eleven and at five, drinking lots of water daily. This is  enough to recharge you with positive energy, if you don’t generally eat heavy meals.
  • Have a fifteen minutes free-walk daily, and passively observe your surroundings. You will maybe notice yourself smiling for no reason. This is an effective method for creating emotion and integrate life and joy.

A very important health-giving lifestyle includes eliminating excessive coffee uptake and practicing some physical activity (a sport or gym session of one hour for an average of three times a week), and mental activity such as crosswords, drawing different shapes, resolving Sudoku, or working handcrafts, origami to find new creative topics and think of something beautiful every day. You can imagine of course, there is more to a healthy lifestyle than just these short but necessary recommendations, though I hope you follow those steps and find yourself free and renewed in a daily city stressing life.

Enjoy your healthy time!

-by Suzanne Francis


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