On Elegance & Style

Being a Fashion Addict is really time-consuming. We tend to devour style magazines, ask a friend when we doubt our wearing: “Should I wear this shirt or that one, today?”, “Do you like these pants or the skirt?”, “Are my jeans fitting the sportive shoes or maybe I should wear heels?” These are normal daily questions but it is not easy to please ourselves with any answer: Be elegant, is a good answer if not a great answer.

“Elegance Is The Only Beauty That Never Fades” – Audrey Hepburn.

Many of the fashion stylist seek to present the best elegant product to a market that is maybe satisfied with a usual common dress. Generally, some looks are immediately welcomed because we are not used to find them frequently in our daily routine and neighbourhood, others are particularly strange, or rare to find in the common areas.

The ordered visual aspect of a dressing is very important, as a second answer. Elegance comes with an accurate personal and inner research, but how to be sure? Don’t complicate it, search for simple styles. Simplicity is another keynote to success. It could take us some time to make our minds but being presentable is a starring development. Many will follow your charm if you care about pleasing to many. The important question here is if you should, in an occasion trust a “must involve”or “considering the opinion of” a fashion expert or you can simply take that pair of wear you left on your chair. The choice of a “casual” or “elegant” look are both compromising. Tissues and patterns are important for a stylist as much as for the wearer. Learn some basic combination of tissues and styles, but also be outstanding and care about constructive observations, and about your standing.

 “Luxury Must Be Comfortable Otherwise It’s Not Luxury” – Coco Chanel

Always try some new idea, some new fitting, mix a shirt with fashionable pants or vice versa: aim to create a personal standard of elegance, but never forget about the mentioned keywords including materia, flows, structures and colors. All these details transform your outer and inner being in a unique piece of art, to be that capturing difference among your surrounding, adding charisma and maintaining a singular daily look.

-by Suzanne Francis


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