Simple and clean – Touching Luxury

A Simple and Clean look are definitely not the only two adjectives to describe luxury fashion but Luxury people. Luxury is complicated to define and often branded. The more you can wear, the best it will be for a complete apparel and the lightest you go the more showing you will be. Even the new wear designers try to present this complexity, reshaping entirely their styles and seasonal shows.

Moreover, sophisticated people – and if you want to be one – always try to carry in their trendy bags only few necessary things: Keys, phone, notebook and diary. Years ago, I would have imagined Mary Poppins bag, ready and steady. A phone is maybe enough to complete any communication task, suiting trick of an emerging luxus. The only missing feature technology lovers didn’t ask for in a phone is preparing a daily italian coffee. Well, I assure coffee lovers already pressed for a Handpresso, in case you insisted on what they would do without. The fact is that we are speaking about coffee in a luxury report, is that the word Luxury is originally latin “luxus” and it means excess; Paradoxical excess. Coffee also represents taste lovers. So unless we tend to diminish our senses’ splendor, let’s say some refined category, like Pros people pretend a must have in their suv or sportive cars, for example. So, the more luxurious you are, the less you have in a bag, although the more valuable are your possessions. Therefore, Luxury touches practicality as it could mean to find your credit cards in one place and using them directly on your phone, since nowadays bank systems allow it, as well as your lifestyle. Expect from now on, to fearlessly inhale before using your own passwords and security alerts whenever you need a credit, as great memory is a sharp characteristic of luxury lovers.

Be simply prepared and remember to browse some e-magazines of your choice (Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle or specific classical brand pages like Prada, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Elie Saab, Armani, Tom Ford.) just to get an idea, recognise the founders of today’s luxury. Comfort is another important concept to avoid thinking permanently about if you are a delicate seeker. To get a touch of style, combine. Wear some classical pants with a rather new stylish rare top and accessories for everyday’s look. Small details, are not always complementary; sometimes you need every singular accessory to appear elegantly gracious. It is quite a privileged circle and its followers tend to somehow know each others, the request of the moment, and the top latest creations. Once you have a good knowledge on what the material and concept you would afford is, don’t get lost with your many applications offering direct access to your loved designs and styles to refine your daily focus. Stand up with a big determination yourself, and your personal charisma.

Some luxury is even containing simply rare or pre-possessed collections. Tend to never waste your precious expensive opinions and accurate re-formations. Have a sophisticated social life. Sometimes, daily rythm and tasting every singular moment is pure Luxury. Be grateful for each day and never take things for granted, is a blessing. Put your wealthy signature on your life, and follow your own small steps to it. Luxury have time.

-Suzanne Francis




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